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Building in this article is used as a noun as "...that which is built; a structure, edifice...".[3] The distinction between a building and a non-building structure is not always clear but is sometimes determined if the structure has walls or by its size or use. The Oxford English Dictionary includes that structure may be used for a large or imposing building. Construction is a very general term meaning the art and science to form material or immaterial objects, systems or organizations,[3] and comes from Latin constructionem (from com- "together" and struere "to pile up") and Old French construction.[4] Construction is used as a verb: the act of building, and a noun: how a building was built, the nature of its structure. Construction is often used as a synonym with building in its verb tense. As a noun, Russell Sturgis distinguished between architecture as being artistic structure, where a building is unadorned and can be "...poor...commonplace, ugly, insufficient, or otherwise of small importance; "[1] and the use of the word construction as meaning built using scientific principles in a highly skillful way.

In general, there are nine types of construction:

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  1. Residential building construction
  2. Light commercial construction
  3. Multi-family construction
  4. Health-Care construction
  5. Environmental construction
  6. Industrial construction
  7. Commercial building construction
  8. Institutional construction
  9. Heavy civil construction